Wednesday, May 6, 2009


We are getting ready to make the move to the farm. It's going to be a crazy month for sure. The girls are finishing up school and I am doing my best to pack and get organized. I hope to rent the apartment by June 1st and I am really feeling the pressure to start advertising and showing it. I am just not sure how to do that while we live here. It's starting to feel like a farm around this place. Somehow we have ended up with a dog, a cat, two rats, a bunny, four chickens and a frog all under this roof! It's time to go!

This is Lily and her new bunny Ralphie. He is very sweet and litter trained, so he gets to hop around her room when we are home. we have been talking alot about the responsibilty of having animals and instead of thinking of it as, "this is my pet", thinking of it more like, this animal is my responsibility. The bunny is Lily's responsibility and the chickens are Rosie's technichally, although I am the one who ends up feeding everybody. I am trying to find a way to pass that on to the kids, it's just been hard to fit it in when everybody is getting ready for school in the morning, hopefully this summer they can take over.

Rosie is very proud of the little chics. We are all guessing which ones we think are Roosters and which are Hens.

Much to my dismay they out grew the storage bin I was keeping them in and we need to build them a chicken tractor so they can be outside during the day. They also need a good old fashion wing clipping!

As usual, Lily just can't keep her hands off of them. When we brought them home Rich and I both tried to make it very cleat that these would most likely end up on the dinner table someday, at least the roosters. Supposedly that's just fine with the girls since they both love to eat chicken (have I mentioned we are no longer vegetarians? hmmm, I probably should post about that subject), I guess we'll see how that goes when we get there!

Daisy has fun watching the chickens, and when they peck her she fakes crying and holds her hand to me saying, "Chicken bite me! Tiss it Mamma!" Then she runs back to them yelling, "chicken Bok Bok!"

Rich is getting pretty excited to live on the farm too. He moved all the farm equipment with the tractor. He is especially looking forward to getting some goats!

We could sure use some help with our big move and we would really appreciate your help in anyway you are available! After being here for 7 years, and adding three kids to our family in that time, I am a little overwhelmed by the task! We have been working hard to do as much ahead of time as possible so that it's not just utter chaos all at once. You should have seen the van load I took to Salvation Army the other day!

We are planning on moving the weekend of the May 22nd. I know it's a Holiday, I apologize, but if you have any time through out the weekend that you could set aside to help us out we would be so grateful!

The things we specifically need help with are:
-Hanging out with our kids so we can get some work done.
-Hauling the stuff we are storing to the basement of the house.
-Loading and moving stuff to the farm and to my mom's house.
-drywall patching

Whatever doesn't get done as far as getting the apartment ready for a new tenant that weekend, we will be working on the next weekend of the 29th, so maybe if you aren't available the first weekend you could help out then? I will be in touch with more specific times and plans. Let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks and Love to you all!

Jen and Rich