Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Our Family Portrait

by Lily

Quite a work of art! and very accurate too! She's been drawing lots of pictures since she was very little and I love what I gain from them about her perspective on her life! In this portrait from left to right, there's Rosie holding Daddy's hand, Me and my dreadlocks, then Lily holding Daisy's hand. Down on the bottom left she has drawn all our pets, Luna our dog, Little Bear our Cat, and Rita and Harriet our Rats!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

another crafty day

We went to the Santa Clause Parade this morning. It was very cold, but very fun! It left us all feeling like we have entered the Christmas season. So can you guess what I did as soon as we got home? You got it, crafty crafty!

I saw a cute tutorial for these little trees at the small object and I had to try it. I decided to use my serger instead of a zig zag stich on the edges and I think it worked out pretty well. I am very excited about the rolled edge I learned to do with my serger. When I showed Rich, he laughed. I think it was a good laugh, he said they were cute, and then just like a man, he said "what are they for?" I think I am going to make them into ornaments with a little ribbon on the top. What do you think? DOn't laugh!

The girls and I made these wreaths with all the scraps of wool from the slippers I made. They had fun and I think we'll make some more.

Oh, I can't beleive it's that time of year again!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Give away day!!

Coming to a blog near you! If your a fellow blogger then you should consider doing it too! Check it out.

I am going to participate. You know I have been making stuff like crazy, so stay tuned to see what I will be giving away!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Crafting in overdrive

Just like every autumn, the weather turns cold and I am suddenly overwhelmed by an urge to get crafty. It has hit me harder than ever this year and I just spent the entire weekend sewing and creating (most of the time with a fussy baby on my hip or hanging on my leg). I have been staying up way too late and I am absolutely sleep deprived, but it's worth it when I finish something!

I am getting ready for a craft show at Grand Rapids Montessori, Rosie's school, on Saturday December 13. Mark your calendars! It is a fun day and a great fundraiser for the school. Here is a few things I am working on to sell,

Sketchbook covers in two sizes:

Recycled wool sweater stuff:

ipod case

I am also planning to make some felted recycled sweater bags and scarfs, as well as some photo notecards and prints. I'll share more pics as I finish more stuff.

So all you crafters out there, what are you up to?? I'd love to hear about your projects, leave me a comment!


Rosie needed a pair of tennis shoes she could tie all by herself but I really didn't feel like going out shopping for some, and it wasn't really going to fit in the budget anyway. Don't get me wrong, she has lots of shoes! Too many actually, but they all have laces and on our way out the door, I am not going to put on and tie 3 little pairs of shoes and my own, so I really wanted a pair that Rosie could put on herself. So here's the solution- I had her pick out her favorite shoes we already had and I pulled out the laces and replaced them with Elastic. I stitched the ends and tucked them to the inside where they didn't show and viola!:

I can't take all the credit though. The idea was actually Amy's and I am forever grateful! It saved me lot's of time and money! Your a genius!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hang in there...

It's almost over!!! Here's a couple videos for you this beautiful election day!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Handmade Holidays

Yes, now that it's November, I have Christmas on my brain! I actually have been thinking about it since the kids started school! But I have to get an early start because I am determined not to buy anything this year!!! I am going to make it all! I have come close in years past, but this year I plan to do it all! We'll see... I will keep you updated.

My favorite blog this time of year is Sew Mamma Sew and they always have the cutest ideas, inspirations and free tutorials. The whole month of November will be filled with ideas and free patterns everyday! Check it out: