Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Our Family Portrait

by Lily

Quite a work of art! and very accurate too! She's been drawing lots of pictures since she was very little and I love what I gain from them about her perspective on her life! In this portrait from left to right, there's Rosie holding Daddy's hand, Me and my dreadlocks, then Lily holding Daisy's hand. Down on the bottom left she has drawn all our pets, Luna our dog, Little Bear our Cat, and Rita and Harriet our Rats!


Kathi said...

What a cool picture... I especially found the one of Rich to be quite life-like. LOL!!! :)

Ma Hammar said...

I see that she is understanding the idea of the body's bony stucture. All the humans have it!
I'm glad she isn't including ALL the anatomy like she did one other time at preschool!
She's such a cool kid!