Thursday, September 24, 2009

Home Sweet Home

We have moved. It felt like it took forever, but we finally found a place we could afford that met our families' needs. We moved in last week and we are still trying to get all settled in.

We are sad in many ways to leave the farm and the rural life, but in many ways we are very excited to be back in the city. We really had a crazy adventure living in the camper on the farm for the summer, but it was for a season and the season had to come to and end. We had a house lined up to rent just a mile from the farm, but God closed that door for reasons we didn't understand. Although it was a long and frustrating experience to figure out where we belonged after that and to find housing, we can see now that God was in control and directing everything. I will write more soon about the whole expierience and what we have learned, but God has been faithful and this house is a wonderful blessing for our family. Our Father provides.

The new house is close enough to Rosie's school that we walked her there for her first day and it's very close to our house on Lake Dr. so we will be able to keep an eye on things there and maintain that place until someday when the housing market recovers and we can sell it.

Here is a photo of our kitchen! Plenty of room to cook! The layout works so well for us. Lily has her own room and Daisy and Rosie share one right next to our bedroom. The bathroom is huge and there is even a very small room that is Ralphie the rabbit and Rita the rats bedroom!

The very best part for me is that there is a large room off the living room that will be my office and the family craft studio! I will post photos once I get it all put together, but we'll be having a craft night at my house very soon!!! and hopefully everyweek this winter!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Welcome baby Ayana!

My little sister Julie had her baby! But it took me so long to post this, now she is three weeks old!

Ayana Lynae Torres
August 30, 2009
7lbs. 4oz

She was born after an all night labor, which I was so blessed to be able to spend supporting my sister. Julie did so well and had a completely natural delivery at Metro Hospital only 1 1/2 hours after arriving there!

She was so alert and aware, yet calm and soooo sweet!

My girls are so excited to have another cousin.

This is the little Dollie I managed to sew for her. I just finished it the night before she was born! The button in her hair came from our grandmother.

Here's the tutorial, if you want to try one.