Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Rosie needed a pair of tennis shoes she could tie all by herself but I really didn't feel like going out shopping for some, and it wasn't really going to fit in the budget anyway. Don't get me wrong, she has lots of shoes! Too many actually, but they all have laces and on our way out the door, I am not going to put on and tie 3 little pairs of shoes and my own, so I really wanted a pair that Rosie could put on herself. So here's the solution- I had her pick out her favorite shoes we already had and I pulled out the laces and replaced them with Elastic. I stitched the ends and tucked them to the inside where they didn't show and viola!:

I can't take all the credit though. The idea was actually Amy's and I am forever grateful! It saved me lot's of time and money! Your a genius!


Mama K said...

Brilliant! And they look snazzy, too! (-:

Kathi said...

What a GREAT idea!