Monday, February 9, 2009

sewing for me!

I apologize for the lack of posting lately. Things have been so crazy and our family has really had a hard time getting into the swing of things in the new year. We seem to have contracted every virus on the planet in the last few months. Lily has been struggling with her school routine, especially riding the bus and the Baby has been worse than ever about sleeping at night. She is doing better now, and I think that it is due to the fact that I have weaned her totally. She seemed to have entered a new developmental stage lately and it just kind of worked out. She will be 18 months old this month, can you believe it? I can't!

I promised myself as I was sewing night and day before Christmas that I would make some things for myself in the new year. I have been living up to that promise this week so I thought I would share a couple things. Sorry the photos are not the best, I was in a hurry and I couldn't figure out any other way to photograph my skirt with me in it except to use the photobooth on my computer.

I made myself a new purse last weekend:

and I finished a new wrap skirt today:

So stayed tuned to hear more about our gluten free cooking, sewing, the toy swap, those crazy kids of course and most exciting, the spring growing plans!!! Anyone else out there planning a garden?? What are you growing? Interested in sharing seeds and planting together??


AAR Rachel said...

Unlurking here - I am in the GR area (near Riverside Park) and have bought a share in Trillium Haven CSA:

I'm also going to be gardening with my neighbor. I'm planning my order from Seed Savers Exchange right now. I'm looking at fingerling potatoes, five-color chard, and this seed collection:

I'm focusing right now on buying local and eating local. Not much I can do until spring, but with the CSA, the gardening, the canning I plan to do, the dehydrator I just bought, and my freezer, I'm going to try and put away as much of our local produce as possible for next winter.

Rachel (grerp at yahoo dot com)

Kathi said...

Glad to see you in "blogland" again! Missed your posts. Good for you for making some things for yourself! Very cute! I'm in the process of rearranging the basement for my sewing space... fun, fun. Looking forward to spring and hopefully seeing you guys more often! This weather is so amazing - I just caught the boys making mud pies on the trampoline. :)

Mama K said...

I put this comment under the wrong post, so I moved it to here.

It's nice to see a post from you again. (-: I missed you. I have been thinking that I should (or will have to) plant a few things at least, to ensure our survival when we run out of funds. But I do not do well in the garden. The plants to not take me seriously, and just do whatever they want. It gets nasty. Then they die. Or are eaten by wildlife. Green beans do very well out here. The rabbits love them. I try, but the wildlife wins.

Mama K said...

How does that CSA work? Anybody else tried that?

AAR Rachel said...

The CSA info is here:

Basically, you buy a share of the farm and you get a share of its produce. The rules are all on the sidebar. Lots of people split shares if they think they won't be able to use all the produce or can't afford a full share. You can put in time, too, if you want a discounted share price. I've heard that, while $450 seems steep, it averages out to only about $20 a week per share, and a lot of the produce can be put up for use year round. Additionally, the produce is organic, fresh, tasty and locally grown (so it has less of a petroleum footprint and supports the local economy).

FlowerMomma said...

Wow. I am so happy to hear that your all interesting in gardening this year! I would really love to form a network of people to support each other to do this. There is also talk of a local seed saving bank. I'll keep you posted here.

Rae Northcraft said...

Oh, Jen! I missed your posts, too! I miss you. I miss all of you over there in GR, I could just cry thinking about it. I totally wish I could garden with you this spring and eat gluten free fried fish in the backyard on the picnic table with Lily pouring ketchup all over herself, Rosie falling off the seat and Daisy eating the dirt! I asked Sam if we could start our own barefoot potato bake tradition here and he said it sounded great. I'm afraid my heart misses yours more and more as the anniversary of my adventure to GR comes nearer. You all have blessed me so much. You taught me how hard and how beautiful community is, how to trust God in ways I never have been able to before, how to enjoy beautiful things, how to dumpster dive, how to sew, how to boil water for tea on the stove into evaporation! :) I love you dearly. The Lord knows how I long to see you all again. Sam and I are determined to visit this summer. Until then, keep updating me about your life!

Mama K said...

check out this link. (-: