Sunday, March 8, 2009


It's moving day at the farm! The house has come a LONG way and Brian and Jenna are moving in! We had our first dinner there together Saturday night! For those of you who have seen it, you won't believe the improvement! For those of you who have not, there is really no way for me to describe how bad it started out. The photos can't illustrate the dirtiness of it all or the overwhelming stagnant mustiness. It has been transformed from a dilapidated, neglected, mold infested dump to a warm cozy home thanks to a lot of hard work! The smells now come from the toasty wood stove and Jenna's homemade beeswax candles! Check out these before and after photos:



Jenna feels at home already, now that she has a place to sew!
THE BATHROOMThe best part is that there is running water and you can flush the toilet
without hauling a bucket of water!

We're moving next and we can't wait! Rich and I and the girls are going to rent out our apartment and move to our camper on the farm for the summer. Now that the weather has turned we are going to start setting up our home on the farm and start staying out there on the weekends. Since the housing market is so bad, instead of trying to sell our house we are just going to rent out our apartment and store our stuff in the basement. We are aiming to have it rented by June 1st. This feels like a good way for us to transition out of the home we have been living in for the last 7 years and to begin to discern where to go next. We are going to spend the summer exploring country life, living with our dear friends and growing our own food. We are praying that during this time God will give up some insight and guidance for our next steps for a more permanent home in intentional community with others.


Amy said...

YEAH!!! I love it! It was so nice to be out there last night. The house was cozy, the fire stove was warm and the conversation was wonderful!!

I heart you guys!!!!

Mama K said...

I am so excited for Brian and Jenna, and for all you all!! The house looks amazing! I did not know you were working on it over the winter... the results are beautiful!!

I hope I can come see it this summer... and you are going to be out there, too!! Wow!! Hope you get a good renter at just the right time. This is all so exciting!

Shari said...

Wow! The change is amazing! I want to see it again in person.

I got your message about this coming Sunday... I will see what I can do. I would really like to come, but I don't know if it will be possible.

I got my seeds -- oh, and just posted on my blog about the chicks here on our farm. Check it out.

Love you guys. Miss you all.

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