Friday, August 28, 2009

First fruits

The growing season has flown by and all of our hard work is beginning to pay off! We have an abundance of food on the farm! It is an exciting time! I am scrambling to find ways to prepare and preserve all the food from the garden, but it feels like such a blessing! We have lots of eggs and both cow's milk and goats milk. The other day I made a big omlette and was very happy when I realized that the whole thing came from the farm except the mushrooms! We also processed out 4 roosters and put them in the freezer. They were funny creatures and they will be missed a little though.

Zucchini and hot peppers

Lily and I took a walk out to the apples trees the other day to check on their ripeness. We were excited to discover that there are a couple varieties of apples that seem perfectly ready and a another that isn't far off. We spent the rest of the day mowing and clearing around the tress so that we could get to the fruit. As with everything on this farm, there is alot of work to do to bring things back to working order. The orchard is horribly overgrown after so many years of neglect. In all there are 5 apple trees and 1 pear tree. The pears are still very green and hard though.

The apples are a beautiful variegated red and green and have a crisp sour taste. They will be great for pies, applesauce and cider.

Lily lost her front tooth last week, can you see? It has changed the way she talks a little, it's so funny!

I love this photo, but I am a little embarrased about her fingernails! They are so dirty. I guess, she is a farm kid!

This is Radio Calendula, and yes it really is that orange!

Won't be long before I am going to have to learn to make Sour Kraut!

There is a row of Sunflowers along the fence of the garden that have gotten to be 7 or 8 feet tall and they are stunning! Especially at sunset.

I will be honest with you though, all of this beautiful stuff came from this weed infested and overgrown garden:

I love to show off the stuff I pick, but I am a little embarrased to show off the garden because for the most part the weeds are larger than the plants! You kind of have to hunt thru the weeds to find the produce. That's ok, we'll do better next year!

My favorite cow ever, Foxy.

Please pray for us as we continue to look for a place to live. We are feeling torn about leaving the country and returning to the city, and confused about whether to rent or purchase a home and I am feeling very anxious to know where we are going. I never imagined we still wouldn't know at this point, especially with school starting next week!


Rachael said...

BEAUTIFUL photos :) Except, I have to say... Sauerkraut?? YUCK! You and Sam can hang out and eat it all day... the other day he ate a whole can of it plain by himself! It stunk up our whole kitchen! :P
Lily looks so cute with her missing tooth! She's growing up so fast :)
Love you

Mama K said...

Great photos! The fingernails are perfect for that picture! And I am surprised about Lily's tooth! I should have known she was old enough, but it was the furthest thing from my mind that she was ready to start getting new teeth already!

Shari said...

What a lovely post. I miss the farm and would love to visit -- but things are busy here right now.
I'm praying for ya and can sympathize with you. We are still looking for a home right now too.
It will all work out for you guys -- I just hope it happens soon.