Monday, June 28, 2010

Picking Cherries!

We picked Cherries at Wells Orchards last week. 49 pounds!

It was a beautiful day in the orchard with friends! The kids had fun and were very helpful! This is Lily with her detective hat on!

Daisy ate A LOT of cherries!

Rosie in her bonnet.

We packed a picnic and had lunch under the cherry trees!

Emilie and Rich picked most of those 49 pounds I think!

We spent the rest of the weekend washing and sorting cherries. I was worried that 49 pounds was too much, but we made short work of it! Emilie spent most of the week making cherry sauces and jams and canning. I froze 2 large freezers bags, made cherry sauce and dehydrated some. I also shared quite a few pounds with friends.

We have also been eating lots or rhubarb while it's been in season too. Kinda sad to see it go. I've got a few jars of sauce in the pantry for this winter.

We're looking forward to Blueberries and raspberries!
What's your favorite fresh local food?


Connie said...

not sure of my favorite, but I had fun picking raspberries from my smallish patch in my back yard...yummy!!!

Michelle said...

There's a picture of my pretty girl!!!!! Hi Lily! You look so cute in your hate! Hi Jen, I sent you the strategies not sure if you got them. Will you let me know? I just want to make sure you get them. I will be working at KEC Mayfield starting in September. I hope your summer is going great! Enjoy!