Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rosie is 5!!!!

I can hardly believe it, but my sweet little Rosemary is 5 years old! I don't know how it happened... time just keeps slipping away from me.

she has always been such a sweet...

and happy girl, not to mention just adorable!

She holds a very special place in our family,

and puts up with a lot being Lily's little sister!

but don't worry, she has Daisy to pick on!

We spent the weekend celebrating with Rosie, it was non stop action pack fun!
We got a hotel room Friday night so we could go swimming, since the poor girl always wants to go swimming for her birthday in the dead of winter.

Here she is with her BFF Ellie. Later that night her cousins came for a dip.

Here she is showing off her cupcakes in front of the puppet theater I sewed of her and the opening performance of Two Horses in Love!

Gluten free chocolate cake!

Fulfilling her dream of a tiered swan princess cake was no easy feat! Purple zig zags compliments of Lily!

Rosie invited a few friends from school over and we had quite a dance party, which included lots of running all over the house screaming.

To top it all off we decided to take the kids skiing on Sunday (Yes, we are totally insane).

Lily went once last year and loved it, this was Rosie's first attempt.

They both did great! They take after their Dad!

Needless to say it was an exhausting weekend!

Happy Birthday Rosie!


Ma Hammar said...

I loved the post, but of course I would! Can't wait to see more puppet shows and skiing.

Amy said...

Oh my!!!! Your puppet theatre turned out beautifully! I love all your pictures. AND THAT CAKE!!!! Wonderful!!! I can't believe that Rosie is getting so big :)

mooser said...

Happy Birthday Rosie

I love your grandma and she loves you!!!!

Rae Snyder said...

SOOOOOOO cute :) Coming up on the 2 year anniversary of Cinder-rachael interrupting your lives ;) Miss you guys!

Mama K said...

Wow! what a great weekend!! I'm so glad you could have such a celebration for your sweet girl.