Sunday, September 7, 2008

Celebration on the Grand

I don't have much time for words if I want to get any sleep tonight, but I just wanted to share our fun day on Saturday with you. We rode our bikes, pulling the girls in the trailers, with a blanket and a picnic, downtown to spend the day at the Celebration on the Grand. Our first stop was the Priority Health Classic Bike race. Lily and Rosie got brand new helmets and raced 150 meters in the tricycle and training wheel heat.

Look at Rosie go! You should have seen her little legs spinning! She was focused on the one thing, the finish line!

I had to curb Lily's competitive nature, because as soon as I called it a race, she was determined to win it, so I told her it didn't matter who got there first. The only thing that mattered was that you make it to the finish line, and when she got there that I had a surprise for her and Rosie. She was very excited when I handed her a pack of bubble gum. It's kind of her latest obsession.

Next we headed to the Grand Rapids Ballet for their Open house. We got to watch a free performance and then the girls went to a free ballet class. This explains why they were riding their bikes in thier leotards in case you were wondering.

When we left the ballet we stopped at Friday's for dinner (Rich sold his playstation on Craigslist this week, so we were going all out!) It was fun and relaxing and Daisy managed to get her nap in while we ate. She doesn't relax much in the Bike trailer. In fact she kind of hates it. I am hoping she gets used to it, because I really enjoy riding.

Next we headed to Ah-Nab-Awen park for a bunch of free kids activities. We even met some pirates! Rosie was quite thrilled with them and we had to go talk to them a few times. She was so excited when I offered to take her photo with them, but she wanted me in it with her. I told her I had to take the picture though, so she marched right up to the first guy she saw and asked him to take a photo for us. Not a shy bone in her body!

So we hung out the rest of the evening on our blanket playing and rolling down the hill. Daddy gave some great airplane rides.

The girls played lots of games and got thier faces painted. At dusk they played the movie Curious George on a big screen. To hype all the kids up for it they had them all dancing.

When the movie was over we packed the kids up in the trailers and headed home. It was dark and the Fulton street hill seemed extra steep, but we made it home safe and put all the kids to bed. We were exhausted. I said to Rich, "I had fun!" He agreed and then I said "But did you ever imagine having fun would be so much work." oh, kids... So much for not many words, I am going to bed.


Emilie said...

Oh Jen. Its looks like you had a blast. I'm really glad you guys decided to do that for everyones sake. I can't wait to hear it from the girls' mouths.

Love ya, emilie

Rae Northcraft said...

Wow! It is so encouraging to me to see you all being joyful in selling your possessions and hard work to spend quality time with your family. You really are a beautiful family and I am so glad to be your friend. It really does blow my mind to see the amazing growth that's happening. I love you all so much.