Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Daisy!

Today is Daisy's birthday. Her and I are just chillin' while the girls are at school and Daddy's at work. We are pretty tired after a long sleepless night. I am hoping and praying that being a whole year old now, Daisy will decide it's time to sleep thru the night! (I started this post and wanted to post it on Daisy's birthday on Tuesday, but due to some internet difficulties I couldn't upload the photos.)

We had a nice time together just our family celebrating Daisy's birthday. I can hardly believe she is actually 1 year old now! We went to Logan's for dinner and they even made Daisy stand on the table so the whole place could yell a big birthday 'Yeee-haaw!' It was funny and she seemed to like all the attention.

I have no idea what Rosie was doing, but it was very very funny!

What a bunch of crazies!

We had a great time at Daisy's birthday party on Sunday. The weather was beautiful and it was so exciting to be able to celebrate outside in the yard. We have far too many winter birthday's in our family, so this was a new thing for us! Thank you to everyone who came, it was a blessing to have so many friends and family members to celebrate with.

Here are some photos:the (gluten free) cake

Happy Birthday to you!

What a mess!

Opening gifts

A new car from Grammy and Papa, an instant favorite.

Lots of new babies, and she had to hug them all!

A special moment with Luna.

Watch out, Daisy's walking!

Fishing from the canoe

Daisy's new winter hat, soooo cute! Thanks Jessica and Pam!

Oh yeah and check out this cute video of Daisy walking!


Kathi said...

It looks like the birthday was lots of fun. I'm sorry we missed it. Your cake was breath-taking! Happy birthday, Daisy!! :)


Shari said...

Sorry I wasn't able to make it either. I am in town tomorrow however if you guys are around. I'd love to see y'all.

Mama K said...

What a pretty cake! Happy birthday to that big girl who's walking already! yay, Daisy!! Sweet! -k.