Friday, October 3, 2008

Obama in Grand Rapids

After dropping Rosie off at preschool this morning, Daisy and I jumped on the number 6 bus to Calder plaza to catch a glimpse of presidential candidate Barack Obama. Amy and her girls and Kathy and her boys and I met up with Brian and his boys down there and we had quite a party with the other 16,000 people who came out. Even though I am still committed to not voting (No, I am really not voting. I suppose you want an explanation. So the simplest way I can put it is to say that I do not beleive in the political system of this empire and I do not want to align myself with it in any way. I am choosing to place my hope in the Slaughtered Lamb. But that's something for a whole nother blog post, not the parenthesis...) I am glad I went because I recognize that it is history in the making and I am always up for a seeing a big crowd gather in my city.

Here we are right after we got off the bus:

Yes, we did come to hear Obama, I don't know what all these people were doing. It was at this intersection that we realized that we needed to go left!

Rich took some of his clients down and somehow ended up being seated by the secret service right behind Barack! Check out the video if you don't believe me! You can see his head right in the bottom left corner! He even got to shake his hand!

Rich also did open mike night at the comedy club tonight at the Bob. People think he is so funny. I'd probably think he was funnier, but he told a joke about me and he talks about poop...

What a day!

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