Monday, December 15, 2008

Celiac article in Parents Magazine

A friend just alerted me to an article in this month's issue of Parents Magazine about Celiac disease. It was actually a great article and I was surprised to find it in such mainstream media. It seems as though Celiac is starting to gain some attention.

They have lots of good tips and info on their website in the featured this month section. Here is a link to the article. I am planning on making some gluten free playdough with the kids soon and I am hoping the recipe they gave will be a good one. Playdough has always been a favorite activity for our kids. We have a ton of playdough toys, but no playdough anymore. I'll let you know how it turns out when we get time to try it.


Mama K said...

Why do you need Playdough to be gluten free? Do you expect the payers-with-playdough to eat it? Because it seems like you'd want to use the less expensive flour for the non-edible stuff and save the more expensive flour for the stuff that is actually going IN the people. But it is late at night and I am tired and I might be way off base here.

Tam in TX said...

Most kids don't think to wash their hands after they're done playing, so the contaminated hands often go into their mouths and the child ends up ingesting gluten inadvertently. That stuff stays under fingernails forever, too! Regular PlayDough might be OK for someone who's not very sensitive, but for most celiacs, you can't be too careful.