Thursday, July 9, 2009

A day of celebration!

We are learning about the important balance between work and rest out here on the farm and also learning the importance of celebration. We had a great on the 4th. we worked hard all day cleaning up the farm and in the evening had a crazy parade and did some sparklers.

The big blue Ford

crazy little Daisy

Rich lead the parade in style.

We hope that you are finding time to celebrate this summer!


KatyBeth said...

Learning the balance of work to rest, of work to play, has to be a life lesson valuable enough to make your time at the farm a treasure all by itself. I love all that the farm is becoming, but even better is to see how it is growing you as individuals and as families. Everyone looks so happy out there. I sometimes wish I could be part of it, too.

Thanks for sharing it on your blog!

FlowerMomma said...

your always welcome to come visit for a day or overnight! There's plenty of room for a tent, plenty of work to do and plenty of food to share!