Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Laura and Wayne's Wedding

My middle sister Laura was married on June 20, and it was a beautiful day!

Please visit:
and enter
event code: 48524-June20
to view the online wedding photo gallery.

Me and all the girls were in the wedding, Rich and Amy were photographing and I was helping with the photography as well, so it was quite a day. The day before was horrible weather and it rained a huge amount, so when we got up Saturday morning to start getting ready the farm was one big mud puddle. Can you guess where I am going with this? I'll save the explanation and just share the photos:

and this is before the worst of it! By the time we finally wrangled them and got them into the tub, they were covered in mud from head to toe!

But we all managed to get cleaned up and we all had fun.

I really liked my dress....and the girls were so precious. Getting all dressed up had a mesmerizing effect on them. They behaved like perfect angels all day! Maybe I should dress them up more often!

What a beautiful day. Everything turned out wonderfully. Congratulations Laura and Wayne!


Shari said...

Lovely photos!

I seriously think Lily has a career in modeling in her future. She is a beautiful girl!
Rose is going to be gorgeous too! Apparently they got some decent genes from their folks.
And Daisy is cute as always.
Your dress is nice -- not the normal bridesmaid tragedy that you only wear once.

Ma Hammar said...

We were truly blessed that day!
I love my family and having so many girls! One more on the way soon. Now 3 son-in-law too!
Thanks for your work on the pictures, Rich, Jen, Amy and Lisa.

Anonymous said...

Lily looks stunning! A true princess in the making.