Monday, July 27, 2009

Our family vacation

Every year my Dad rents a cottage on the Indian River in Northern Michigan. It is a beautiful place. The Indian River is just one river in a long inland waterway that stretches all the way across the top of the state.

We spend lots of time on the boat and this year for the first two days of the trip both of my sisters and their husbands were there. It was so nice to all be together in the same place. It doesn't happen often.

This is my little sister Julie, She is having a baby girl in 4 short weeks from now! My first niece on my side of the family! I am so excited and Julie is sooo cute pregnant. Her and Davie are keeping the name a secret, so the girls are having lots of fun guessing. In the meantime, we just call her 'pork chop"!!

Here are our photos from this year's trip!

Hope your having a great summer too!

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Rachael said...

Cute!!! I wish I could see the rest of the pictures... for some reason picasa web albums won't let me view anyone's photos for the past year..? O well.