Monday, July 7, 2008

The Big Storm

That big storm last week made a huge mess of our neighborhood and ripped our phone line right off the side of our house. We lost HUGE tree limbs and they all came down on top of Rich's truck. You could only see the tailgate sticking out the back of the pile. It was an absolute miracle that it was not damaged. The windows were all intact. The drivers window was left down a bit, which sucked cause the seats got very wet, but where it was open a crack a tree branch was sticking right in and none off the glass was even cracked!

This is the tree in the driveway of the house next door:

Check out all the photos on Amy's blog too:

We spent ALL day Thursday in the yard cleaning up. My Dad came down with 2 chainsaws and he and Rich and our neighbor Rick Beerhorst cut and cleared the wood. We loaded all the cut firewood up and dropped it off to Rick and we still have a giant pile of brush to clear. I think we might rent a wood chipper, since we need wood chipper for the yard anyway?

I am on vacation now for the week in Indian River with my Dad and sisters, hopefully when I get home my phone and internet will be restored!!! The only way to stay connected up here is the free wi-fi at Burger King!

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