Thursday, July 10, 2008


We just got home from our annual vacation in Indian River, MI with my Dad. This is the 2nd year in a row he has rented a cottage there for a week in July. It is on the Inland waterway which is a system of lakes and rivers that go from Petosky all the way across the top of the state to Cheboygan . The cottage is right on the river. We spent some time on the boat, but Daisy hates being in her life jacket and Rich got a horrible sun burn, so we didn't go out as much as usual. I thought I'd share these pics:

Daisy waved when I pointed the camera at her. She's so funny!

I found the girls nets at the dollar store and Lily spent the whole time hunting for new pets. She wanted to catch a bunny or a duck so bad! Thank God she didn't!

Rich brought his fishing boat. My sister Julie and her husband Davie were up for a few days. Rich took them out fishing. I don't think they caught much, but Rich did manage to catch a few Pike and broke one of his poles in the process.

The girls had lots of fun playing on the little playground. Daisy really enjoyed the swing! We had fun, but we are glad be home! It's hard to be away with three little ones. I felt like I had to pack up my whole house. Rich remembered someone saying to him once that once you have little kids vacations aren't for you anymore. It was alot of work!

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