Monday, August 18, 2008

Another weekend at the Farm

We have been having a great time out at the farm . We spent another wonderful weekend out there, this time in our new camper! It is nice to have our own little home out there. It's a '76 Holiday Rambler, very vintage. It's in really great shape and so comfy.

My friend Shari took this pic and everyone keeps teasing about my silly dreadies stickin out. She came up to visit from Birch Run and it was wonderful to see her and hang out around the campfire.

In case you haven't met them, this is Brian and Jenna, the Farmers! We are so excited to see them beginning to live out their calling!

Here are a few pics of the house, which I am excited to share is not going to be buldozed! They had a inspection last week and the inspector said that it is really in decent shape and the mold is not a problem. He said that once they get all the stockpiled old firewood out of the basement that the mold would be taken care of and there is no black mold present. There is some water damage to be repaired but nothing too bad and it's not wet anymore.

Here is the dining room. The fan is an origonal ingenius design of the previous resident that flip around into the doorway and rotates to either draw the heat in from the woodstove or push it out. There is alot of demolition that needs to happen before anything else. If you like that sort of thing, let us know.

This is the living room, if you like peeling wallpaper, then this is the room for you! Bring some vinegar and some scrapers.

Here is an example of some of the water damage. Anyone gifted with drywall skills?

Oh and bring your kids , we'll put them to work too! This visitor got to climb up on the roof to help trim trees and shovel leaves off the roof.

Speaking of kids, here's some pics of our crazy ones:

Jaizek wanted his long hair out of his face, so Emily gave him this stylish do. It was the envy of all the kids, so Emily ended up spending lots of time as their beautician. Then we lined them all up for a good ol' Kodak moment. Aren't they such a cute bunch?

They are learning alot out at the farm too. It's a never ending biology class. We have seen bugs like I have never encountered before. This praying mantis was hangin' out on some of the farm equipment. We also found a monarch catapillar and some other bugs that Brian is still trying to identify.

The farm is really feeling like home and I always feel a little sad when we head back to the city. Lily asks each time we drive out, "Mommy, are we still in the country?" and I reply "No honey, we are going back to the city."

We will be out again this weekend so feel free to join us anytime. We have extra tents! Email me if you would like directions ahead of time, or call me this weekend. Bring your work boots!

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