Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Farm Camp

We spent all weekend out at the farm helping Brian and Jenna set up camp. They are trying to figure out whether or not the house that is on the property is worth fixing up, and if not then what they should do. It is a very beautiful place and it was so wonderful to be out there in the fresh air! The light was beautiful at at sunset and the air smells so amazing.

We were able to explore the barn a little. It is filled with amazing treasures that belonged to the previous owner, a man who lived there into his 90's. It should make a fine home for all the animals soon.

Brian has an old tractor from a relative to use. I can't wait to see it in action!

Our good friend Emily came out, as you can see she is wonderful with our kids and they love her! She is a talented gardener and is also learning alot about raising chickens and she just lost her full time job so we are all hoping she will take up the farm life with us! Who needs a job?!

The boys are such boys out there! It was so fun to watch sticks become swords as they conquered the tall grass!

One of the many treasures we have discovered and put to good use is this old grind stone. Rich fixed the bar on one side that was missing and sharpened everything he could find.

Daisy took a nice nap as I walked. Brian took us on a tour of the property and shared some of his vision for the farming.
So far the only animals on the farm are these three chickens. They seem to be enjoying thier new home and they are laying some beautiful eggs that the Jenna and Brian have been enjoying for breakfast. This weekend they will be joined by three more chickens who've been cooped up in Amy's backyard.

The most wonderful thing about the whole weekend was all the people who came out to eat and camp and show Brian and Jenna their support. Some friends of ours brought their puppies that they train for Paws with a Cause. Lily and the rest of the kids were more than happy to help with their socialization and increase their tolerance of unpredictable little kids! I don't know about the dogs, but the kids were in Heaven!

This is truly a community endeavor and I feel so blessed to have such a beautiful community of friends to share this experience with. Stacie and Jenna and I have known each other since shortly before we had our first children. What a bonding experience to go thru pregnancy, birth, and raising children together, especially three times!

We are planning on spending the whole weekend out there again this coming weekend. Hopefully in our new camper!? Stay tuned for further adventures on the farm...

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