Thursday, August 14, 2008

First Day of Kindergarden!

Lily started school today! She is attending Coit Creative Arts Academy which is a theme school in the Grand Rapids Public district. The curriculum is based around the Arts. She will have art class twice a week and be a part of school theater performances. Starting in 1st grade all students are in choir too. They are on the Alternative schedule and she goes from 9-4pm Monday thru Friday! It is going to be an adjustment for her, but I think it'll be fairly easy for me. I really like her teacher, Mrs. Sleighter. She has been teaching 18 years and has 8 children of her own, so I think she is experienced enough to handle Lily!

Lily was very excited about her new Princess backpack. I tried to talk her into a plain blue one, but that didn't fly. She also got a new hello Kitty alarm clock. I set it for 7:45am, but she was up, dressed and came into my room to wake me with her backpack on by 7:15am!

Rosie was very excited to be a part of getting Lily to school. She cried big tears when we left saying, "I am going to miss Lily!" Rosie will start school right after Labor Day and that will be very good for her. She is going to be in her friend Solomon's class at Grand Rapids Montessori.

Lily gets her very own locker. She is so good at recognizing her name that she just ran straight up to it and put her backpack in.

I realized on Tuesday that both the girl's hair was way to long and shaggy, thank God Aunt Heidi was available for a last minute hair cut! I would've hated to send Lily to school with her hair hanging in her face like it has been all summer.

This is Lily and her cousin Brieanne, who will also start Kindergarden this year. Aren't they cute with thier matching missing bottom teeth?

So now that Lily is at school all day, I have a little more free time, check out what I am up to! Oh, and be sure to read on to the next post to see what is going on out at the farm!


April said...

It was so good to see you today, Jen. I know I can learn so much from you and Rich! Scott would love to see your friends' property (me too). My hubby is a country boy at heart living in the city with his wife who has always been a city girl (who grew up in the country) Drop me a line:

Anonymous said...

How is the garden looking?? Coit's garden is one of the garden's I took care of during the July heat.

Enjoy that watermelon!!