Wednesday, August 20, 2008


This farm thing has become a community project and we are having lots of fun out at there most weekends! So this is your invitation to be a part of things!

Farm Camp continues this weekend. Most will be arriving on Friday night to pitch a tent. We have extra tents (big ones) so if you want to use what we have, please come out and stay, or feel free to just stop out for an afternoon or evening. There's a community kitchen set up, always a fire going and lots of food to share. There is a indoor bathroom, but no shower (unless you want to use Rich's outdoor shower station).

Friday night we are planning to spend the evening praying together and looking to God for direction on these projects. Saturday will be the big work day. Bring a set of work clothes, masks, vinegar and any thing else you might find helpful for these projects. There is a variety of projects ranging from cleaning up brush outside the house to riping walls out and peeling wallpaper. Saturday evening will be a time of celebration, so if you have music or something fun to share, please bring it! Sunday we will most likely rest and enjoy being outdoors although your always welcome to come work whenever you feel so inspired.

If you have resources for remodeling laying around your house such as: extra wood, drywall, hardware, linoleum, countertop, tile, ect...please email us to let us know what you have or if you have a special skill you'd like to share. Brian and Jenna are trying to reclaim and reuse materials in the house to save money. This is a project with a very limited budget. We are also desperately in need of an electrician and a plumber.


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