Monday, May 26, 2008

The Garden

I spent the entire weekend working in the yard and my garden. I can't believe how much I accomplished. Rich was gone fishing all weekend, so I put my supermom powers to work and wah-lah the garden is all planted! No, it wasn't really that easy. I am so tired and my mucsles are aching! I think Daisy, who is no longer content to be confined now that she can crawl, ingested some dirt, grass and probably even a few bugs. Lily and Rosie almost killed each other fighting over Rosie's pet worm...But the beds are built and the garden is planted. We are all looking forward to a summer full of fresh homegrown tomatoes!

Lily and Rosie were actually big helpers some of the time. Rosie helped me shovel compost and dirt into the containers that we planted our petunias and marigolds in. Lily "the workhorse" hauled the sled full of compost (we don't have a wheel barrel) to the garden. Yes, she did makes horse noises the whole time. Daisy took pretty decent naps so I could get alot done, and for an hour or so after she woke up she was pretty happy to sit in the stroller and watch the action. I also owe Rich a big thanks even though he wasn't home to pitch in. He has been the one doing the composting and I was very excited when I dug into the pile and found some beautiful dirt! I am sure our plants will love growing in it. Lots of nutrients!

Towords the end of winter we had painted some garden signs together with Amy and her kids. It was a fun family thing and I think they look really cute, the perfect finishing touch. The pink flowers in the bottom of this photo are wild strawberries. This is their third season, so I am hoping we can get some of the fruit before the squirels. The dirty rats have a sneaky way of getting some of our best produce but they better be on the lookout this year, Rich bought pellets for his gun!

Here is a shot from the end of the day today when all our hard work was finally finished. We planted tomatoes, carrots, lots of herbs, lettuce, potatoes, green peppers, and cucumbers, in addition to the beans, lettuce, spinach and peas that we had started earlier. The section in the front with the wood paths is what I had from last year and everything beyond that where the stepping stones are is the new area. I got rid of some more grass (FOOD NOT LAWNS!!!) by using the lasagna method of layering newspaper, leaves, compost and dirt. At the very front is my new Lilac bush the girls and Rich got me for mothers day.

I will leave you with a few more pictures and soon I'll be inviting you over to eat some fried green tomatoes!


Amy said...

fried green tomatoes? I'd be happy with some homemade strawberry shortcake...gluten free it ok...but maybe we can have some by ourselves :) j/k

Shari said...

I can't wait to see what you've done with your garden!
I'll hold you to your fried green tomato offer. Yum. Just tell me when to show up.

Rae Northcraft said...

Yay! It's even prettier in real life! I'm impressed... and a little intimidated. I've never gardened like that before... only flowers. Kudos to you :)