Tuesday, May 27, 2008

GF Flour mixture

I was searching for a good flour mixture that I could substitute straight cup for cup in my old recipes. Bob's Red Mill is the only thing close available ready made and it has a very strong aftertaste we didn't like. A friend of mine you has been eating GF for a long time just emailed me this.

6 cups white rice flour
3 cups potato starch flour (has to say starch on the package)
1 cup tapioca flour

whisk together combining all the flours! Cup for cup...you may need to add a little more to chocolate chip cookies and other things you have made in the past if the consistency does not look right. The exception being for bread dough.

I bought the ingredients on my trip to Whole Foods, except I accidentally bought brown rice flour, but it didn't seem to make too big a difference. I mixed them up today and I'll let you know tomorrow how my first creation turned out!

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Shari said...

You know, for a very long time as a child I was off of wheat, dairy, white sugar, MSG, peanuts, corn, etc. It was very rough for a while... but we found a few things that I really enjoyed and that made it easier. One was a recipe on the box of brown rice flour that we had (the brand looks like the one you have in the photo of your tapioca flour). It is not sandwich bread. It is more like a quick bread - kind of dense and moist. I would put margarine (hey, we didn't know about trans-fat back then) and honey on it and it was very yummy! I also ate the heck out of these little no-bake type cookies that had coconut, carob and raisins I think.