Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Swimming at the Y

Rosie, Daisy and I went to the Y last night to go swimming. It's Rosie's favorite thing to do and she's always asking to go. It's a big production and I don't usually have the energy for it. When I answer by merely saying "maybe", her face lights up and she exclaims, "Oh thank you Momma!" So I only feel like I can put put her off about it for so long.  Since Rich and Lily were gone together last night I figured it would be a good time to go. Rosie was so excited she didn't even want to take the time to eat dinner. I didn't know how the baby would like it, but she had a blast in the shallow part. She splashed around and crawled after the beach ball.

 So we had lots of fun and I finally convinced Rosie it was time to leave and we headed for the family locker rooms. There are individual rooms with showers for families. This is when things got really interesting. We were all in the shower (in our birthday suits) when the fire alarm goes off! It took a minute for the reality of the situation to sink in, but there I was naked with two naked little girls and I had no idea what to do. So jumped out of the shower and threw on my clothes as fast as I could. As I was considering what to do about the girls nakedness there was a knock on the door; a woman telling me I needed to get out. I told her I was doing the best I could, I obviously had my hands full! She ran off with her walkie talkie. I guess that meant there wasn't time to get the kids dressed, but we live in Michigan and it wasn't that warm out! I threw all our stuff on the stroller and ran (right, I've got a baby in a stroller and a three year old in tow who wants me to tie her bathrobe before we go anywhere, and about three doors to open and push a stroller through with one hand, Yes I have SuperMom powers!) towards the exit. When I got up to the front desk the staff was just standing around. I was a little confused and I asked if this was for real. The guy informed me that because they didn't know, everyone had to leave the building. I asked if I had time to put something on my kids who were wrapped in wet towels. He gave me a blank stare. So I stood by the front door trying to wrap my naked baby up in a blanket I happened to have with me, thank God, and dropped stuff all over the floor in the process. Finally some women offered to help and we got the kids wrapped up and headed outside where the entire population of the YMCA was crowded around about 6 feet from the front entrance. I had my van keys with me, thank God again, and so I headed to my van, which even with my SuperMom powers was extremely difficult. A kind man eventually offered to push the stroller for me. He didn't seem to have anything better to do, unlike all the other people who must have been very busy waiting around. I put the kids in the van, turned on the heat and got my kids dressed. A few minutes later a fire truck showed up and a few minutes after that everyone reentered the building. I have no idea what the whole thing was about, but it left me thinking that they need a better disaster plan and I sure hope I never find myself in that situation in the case of a true emergency!

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