Monday, June 16, 2008

The Artist Market was fun!

Not profitable really, but fun! There were lots of people hanging out and it was a very fun scene, but nobody seemed to be spending much money. I got to see lots of friends and talk to some new people. It was fun anyway. I will probably do better at the Farmer's Market. I didn't go this Sunday cause we had to go see the Dad's you know, but I am planning on doing it some weekend soon. I am also going to sell some things at Hopscotch Children's store. It's right by our house and they sell locally made things. Cute place! When I get some extra time (funny idea, I know) I am planning on starting and Etsy shop.

Amy and Racheal helped me get set up. Daisy was with me the whole time and was a great sport. She even took a very long nap in her playpen. Rich took the girls to release the tadpoles and to a movie, and came down around 6:30pm to hang out.

Rosie had lots of fun dancing, and man can she move! She is so funny!

Lily spent alm0st the whole time painting at the info booth. She sure loves to create!

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