Monday, June 16, 2008

The tadpoles went home

The tadpoles outgrew their little container and it was time for them to go back to the pond. Many of them had all four legs now and had emerged from the water onto the floating little log we put in there. It took alot of convincing, Lily wanted to keep them forever and I had to explain to her that they would not be happy with us any longer because I didn't know what to feed them now that they were froglets. Some of them had already died, but Lily didn't know that. I know someday she is going to have to deal with the full circle of life, but for now, I was not ready to go there, and I wanted to get them back to the pond quick. While I was setting up for the Artist Market, Rich took Lily and Rosie to a pond near his work and they let them go. Lily was a very big girl about it, and Rich promised her that they would come back often and see how they are doing. It was a good experience and Lily learned some very important lessons.

We still have two toads and a frog on the back porch, I thought I'd give them each a proper introduction:

Dicky Boy


and Lily's favorite, Prince green Slimy Frog

They eat meal worms and crickets when we get to the pet store. They seem to be doing alright in the aquarium, although I think Prince is a good enough climber to find his way out one of these days. I am trying to prepare Lily for that day and help her to understand that although she loves these pets immensely, they would be much happier living in their own environment.

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