Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tie Dye Party

We spent all weekend tie dying. It was lots of fun and we made lots of cute things for ourselves, to give as gifts and to sell at the Farmers Market and local artist markets. Rich and I spent our anniversary date a few weeks ago garage sailing and thrift store shopping collecting white things to dye and we had a huge pile of stuff for the party. Our friend Shari (check out her blog post about it) is our tie dye guru and helped us pull it off. We usually dye with her in the summer and she makes very nice things! The best part is, she has the whole thing down to a science. Mixing the chemicals and the dyes is so much easier when she's around. My friends Jane, Jenna and Racheal were all there creating too. Here's some pics of some of things we made:

Daisy wore the little blue dress this week and she looked so cute!

These are some cotton gauze that I think make beautiful scarfs. I made one square one for myself to wear tied as a skirt.

The next photo is what the kids were up to while we were busy and they were left to their own devices:

It was quite a sight to see this parade of creatures as it emerged from the back door! The poodle (Lily) and the frog (Rosie) are mine and the bird pushing the stroller is my friend Jane's daughter, Paisley.

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Shari said...

Yay!!! Tie dye rocks! Everyone should wear tie-dye all the time! Seriously.

I love you guys!